Spyros Verykios

Born in 1966, Athens, Greece.
Lives and works in Athens.

He studied Painting in Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece (1986-1991). Visual Arts as a master degree in Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece (2004-2006). He has attended “Film making workshop” in New York Film Academy in USA and “Seminar for writing film script” in Mediterranean Film Institute in Greece. He has had 5 solo exhibitions in Athens, Greece such as “Art Athina ‘97” and “Art Athina ‘99”. He has had many exhibitions abroad; “Bienalle of New Mediterranean Artists” in Valencia, Spain (1991), “Bienalle Big Torino 2000” in Torino, Italy (2000) and “Tunis 2nd Bienalle” in Tunis, Tunisia (2002). He has also curated many exhibitions in Greece such as; “Cinema inspires the artists” (2001), “Mickey meets the art” (2004) and “Love will tear us apart, 10th Comics International Festival” (2005). As far as the film industry is concerned, he worked on projects such as but not limited to; being lay out and concept artist for the movies “Space Jam” and “Fern Gully 2” by Warner Bros in London, UK (1996-7), lay outs design for the animation “The Lampies” by BBC (2001), being lay out and concept artist for the movie “Rug rats Crossover Movie” by Athens, Greece (2002) and creating storyboards for the advertising companies Mc Cann Erickson, Able, Saachi and Leo Burnett (1994-2004). As for comics, he has published 12 comics stories by magazines “Vavel” and “Para Pede”. 6 of the stories have been republished in Italy by magazine “Blue”, in Slovenia by magazine “Striburger”, in the UK by “Dangerous Ink” as well as in Sweden by magazines “C’Est Boon Culture” and “Wormgod” (1995-2005). He has published the comic album “I don’t want to dream, I don’t want to wake up”. He taught art in the private school Athens College (2000-2002) as well as in Ionian University in the department of Visual Art (2005-2010).

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